Ideal Health Essay Topics for Your Next Paper

Health Essay

For the majority of people, deciding what to write about is even more challenging than the process of writing it, especially when it comes to health essays. There are so many fascinating health essay topics that it’s next to impossible to choose the right one – you need to consider the scope of the topic and its difficulty level, its relevance to the course you’re taking, and your own familiarity with it.

To make it easier for you, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most intriguing health research topics that will inspire you to start writing. Go over the list, and choose a topic that speaks to you.

How to Choose a Health Essay Topic

Before we get into our top health topics to write about, it’s a good idea to go over a few tips that could help you make a choice. It will take some time and effort, but it will be well worth it.

  • Consider the length of your paper – it will help you determine the right subject. If the paper is just one or two pages long, you won’t be able to get into the details of a broad topic like “Everything we know about diabetes so far.” If it’s much longer and you go for a very narrow topic, you might not have enough information to meet the word count.
  • Define your course curriculum and everything you learned in the semester before you received the writing assignment – you’ll want your topic to be relevant to the course. Go over the contents of your textbook and skim through your notes to find which direction to take.
  • Jot down a few broader subject matters that spark your interest. After all, if you’re not passionate about the topic you choose, you’ll find it more difficult to commit to research and writing. Come up with a few ideas, do some preliminary research to understand each topic better, then go for the one that seems the most interesting to you.

List of Health Essay Topics

To start the list, we’ll first go over some of the more general essay topics on health. They can be ideal for high school students doing a paper for biology class or even college students writing advanced papers for their foreign language class.

  1. The effects of the body positivity movement on our youth’s health and wellbeing
  2. How popular detox diets impact health
  3. Battling antibiotic resistance
  4. The ethics of animal testing
  5. How the discovery of penicillin changed the world
  6. Common misconceptions about HIV and AIDS
  7. Therapeutic effects of hemp and cannabinoids
  8. Is secondhand smoke as bad as we think?
  9. The differences between traditional tobacco and electronic cigarettes
  10. Understanding the placebo effect and its implications
  11. Homeopathy – science or pseudoscience?
  12. What are superfoods, and can they improve health and wellbeing?
  13. The impact of regular physical activity on body and mind
  14. Should we steer clear of GMO foods?
  15. How mental illnesses affect physical health
  16. The correlation between physical and mental health
  17. Sun exposure – the good and the bad
  18. The COVID-19 pandemic and its implications
  19. Western vs. alternative medicine
  20. Who is to blame for the opioid epidemic?

Some Relevant Public Health Essay Topics

Writing about public health has always been of interest to many students and medical professionals alike. The current events and the COVID-19 pandemic have only made public health essay topics more popular.

  1. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) as the biggest threat to public health
  2. How dangerous is antibiotic resistance
  3. The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on our mental health
  4. Should all medical workers be forced to vaccinate?
  5. Should vaccinations be mandatory in public schools?
  6. Vaccinations and autism – is there a connection?
  7. Modern sedentary lifestyle and concerns for the public health
  8. Health and wellness in the workplace
  9. The implications of wearing masks in crowds and public spaces
  10. The consequences of longer life expectancy.

TOP-5 free essay samples on Health

  • Arguments In Favour Of And Against Euthanasia
  • The Importance Of CPR Lessons
  • Depression In College Students: Causes And Solutions
  • Marijuana Addiction: Effects On Human Brain And Financial Problems
  • The Peculiarities Of Universal Healthcare In The World

Mental Health Essay Topics

Although one can explore a certain mental health issue, it is also possible to help your college assignment stand out by focusing on the reasons how a mental health problem can be dealt with. Think about choosing something that will help you analyze, reflect and pose your opinion.

  1. The rehabilitation of minors dealing with substance abuse in the United States
  2. The reasons why Autism is not considered a mental health condition by certain scientists
  3. The role of caretaker and the patients suffering from schizophrenia
  4. Mental health recovery and the role of special education during pandemic times
  5. The negative influence of television and video games on children’s mental health
  6. Military combat and the PTSD recovery methods
  7. How can schools control and report mental health issues among middle school students?
  8. Where does one mark the borderline between psychology and psychiatry when dealing with mental health challenges?
  9. The impact of college parties, stress, and binge drinking among American college students
  10. The negative effect of social media’s isolation: a matter of success
  11. Mental health and the traditional beliefs of rural communities in the United States
  12. Aggressive behavior patterns and bipolar disorder patients: the reasons for mood swings and usual pattern changes

Healthcare Essay Topics

Over the past few years, healthcare has become a pressing concern for young Americans. With healthcare costs rising, poor insurance coverage, and inadequate employee benefits, it’s only natural that healthcare discussions are picking up. Take a look at some of the top healthcare essay topics you could write about.

  1. Can universal healthcare work in the US?
  2. The disruptions in healthcare caused by telemedicine
  3. The pros and cons of the current healthcare system in the US
  4. Discrimination in healthcare and how to overcome it
  5. Why heart attacks are more deadly in women
  6. How paid family leave is an investment in public health
  7. The benefits of workplace daycare
  8. Is GoFundMe becoming the largest healthcare provider in the US?
  9. Is healthcare a basic human right?
  10. The rise in outbound medical tourism in the US.

Environmental Health Research Paper Topics

Pollution, climate change, deforestation – these are all frightening yet intriguing concepts that spark discussions. Our environment impacts our health and wellbeing more than we know, so it’s always fascinating to go deeper into environmental health essay topics.

  1. Air pollution and the rise of respiratory diseases
  2. How water quality affects our wellbeing
  3. Pollution, deforestation, and public health
  4. The health risks of climate change
  5. What can be done to eliminate toxic waste
  6. How pesticides impact our health
  7. Endocrine disruptors in drinking water
  8. Microplastics in seafood and their implications
  9. How urban green spaces affect the health of city dwellers
  10. Mental health benefits of spending more time in nature.

Personal Health & Wellness Topic For An Essay

  1. There’s more to beauty sleep than meets the eye
  2. Sleep deprivation and the immune system
  3. Should taking a mental health day become a standard in the workplace?
  4. The health benefits of meditation
  5. Importance of happiness for physical and mental health
  6. Healthy ways to handle stress
  7. Why is anxiety such a widespread issue?
  8. Overcoming stress eating
  9. Antidepressants – pros and cons
  10. Regular exercise and the quality of life.

Nutrition Research Paper Topics

  1. Is going vegan a healthier choice?
  2. The pros and cons of a meat-based diet
  3. The importance of increasing intake of healthy fats
  4. The case for improving school lunches in the US
  5. The impact of media on the rise of eating disorders
  6. How detox teas harm our health
  7. Dietary changes through life stages
  8. The impact of breastfeeding on brain development in infants
  9. The safety and risks of the keto diet
  10. Healthy weight loss strategies.

Obesity Research Paper Topics

  1. Battling childhood obesity head-on
  2. Is the body positivity movement glorifying obesity?
  3. Side effects of weight loss pills
  4. Appetite suppressants – how and when should they be used?
  5. Genetics and obesity – does obesity run in the family?
  6. Obesity and heart health
  7. Obesity and increased insulin resistance
  8. Finding a cure to obesity
  9. How discrimination in healthcare impacts overweight patients
  10. Obesity risk factors.

Schizophrenia Research Paper Topics

  1. Prevalence of schizophrenia among the homeless population
  2. The causes of schizophrenia
  3. Living with schizophrenia
  4. Early signs of schizophrenia
  5. Recognizing childhood schizophrenia
  6. Schizophrenia and bipolar disorder – differences and similarities
  7. Improving neuroplasticity and treating schizophrenia
  8. Habitual marijuana use and schizophrenia
  9. In-depth review of the Glutamate Theory
  10. Can schizophrenia be cured?

Autism Research Paper Topics

  1. Brain structure changes in autism
  2. How Asperger syndrome affects the quality of life
  3. Supporting students with autism in the classroom
  4. Debunking the myths about autism
  5. Vaccine safety and autism – what we need to know

Cancer Research Paper Topics

  1. How medical marijuana affects cancer cells
  2. Will we ever find a cure for cancer?
  3. Male breast cancer – prevalence and available treatments
  4. Lifestyle changes that lower the risk of cancer development
  5. Alternative treatments for cancer.

Controversial Health Essay Topics

  1. Should stem cell research be banned?
  2. The hypocrisy of the pro-life movement
  3. Euthanasia – when is it ethical?
  4. The case for free healthcare for all
  5. Nursing homes – prevalence of elder abuse.

Writing Your Health Essay

With your health essay topic in hand, it’s time to start writing. As long as you’ve chosen a subject matter that you’re interested in (and well-informed on), writing your paper shouldn’t be too much trouble. To perfect the process, follow these tips:

  • Create an outline

Although it can seem like a waste of time, an essay outline is critical for your success. It will give you structure, allowing you to organize your ideas and give your essay a nice flow.

  • Start from the body

After choosing their health essay topics, many students find that coming up with an introduction is the most difficult part of writing. So, skip it (for now). Start from the body, develop your ideas, then go back to the introduction once you have most of your essay. You’ll find it easier to create an introduction when you already know exactly what your essay is about.

  • Make a killer conclusion

Writing a conclusion just to have one is no way to finish your paper. Your conclusion needs to be well-thought-out. It needs to summarize the main ideas of your essay and wrap everything up nicely and coherently. Don’t rush through it.

  • Proofread

Writing a health essay paper is a lengthy process. You’ll put in a lot of time and effort to complete it, and it will all be for naught if your essay is riddled with grammatical, spelling, and stylistic errors. Make sure that you carefully proofread your paper and make the necessary changes before submitting it to your teacher.


Even the most well-respected Health Essay writers struggle with choosing their topics and getting started on a piece of writing – it’s an issue everyone encounters. Use this list of the top health research paper topics to gather inspiration for your next paper and overcome this first writing hurdle. If you need additional nursing writing assistance, you can always order your essay from Nursing Homework Help.


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