Shadow Health Comprehensive assessment soap note

SOAP note:

You may utilize your SOAP note from the assessment. You may alter it as needed.
Problem focus: Choose 4 areas of concern to focus on from your comprehensive assessment to focus on

For each problem include the following:

Pathophysiology: A brief pathophysiology (more abbreviated than previous plans of care)

Include the following information as appropriate:

Pathophysiology of the disease process
Population it generally affects
Major systems affected
Common signs and symptoms
Diagnostic criteria (what tests, abnormal labs, etc do we commonly find)

Major classifications of medications used to treat (2 classifications). You may format these however you wish.
Indications for each classification
Mechanisms of action
Therapeutic response
Common adverse effects
Non-pharmacologic: May include:
Surgical options
Lifestyle changes such as dietary and exercise changes, smoking cessation, etc
Therapies including physical therapy, occupational therapy, mental health, etc

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